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Born Funny: My Mama, Dr. Christiane Northrup, on Glimpse TV

Glimpse TV has been rocking the airwaves since June 2010 and yet, somehow, I’ve never interviewed my mother…until today! She’s not only an amazing mama, she’s also a NY Times best-selling author, has had several very successful PBS shows, and has been a guest on Oprah 10 times! But, Glimpse TV really is the big time so I had to wait to have her on the show until I really felt she had proven that she has what it takes to be a guest :)

Seriously, though, I think my mom is my biggest fan and I’m pretty sure I’m hers.

Our relationship isn’t perfect, but as far as mothers and daughters go I think we’ve got it pretty good. She’s paved the way for my sister and me, not to mention millions of other women, to be more free. Not only do I have my mom to thank for giving me life,  I also have her to thank for putting me on the path to financial freedom early on when she first handed me Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad(If you haven’t done so already, buy this book and read it. Life. Changer.) So if it weren’t for her in more ways than one, The Freedom Tour wouldn’t ever have existed.

Here’s my favorite thing to do with my mom: LAUGH! Laugh so hard that we can’t breathe. Laugh so hard that we pee our pants. Laugh so hard that our faces hurt. Laugh so hard that we fall down.

Watch the video below if you want to laugh your face off with us. If you don’t giggle like crazy at the story we tell together I think you should double check to see if you have a pulse. Tune in to this very special episode of Glimpse TV to find out:

    • how to take an incredible picture with a real smile every time,
    • what my mom means when she says she was “born funny”,
    • how to break the mother-daughter chain of pain,
    • how family members keep one another stuck and how to get yourself unstuck,
    • the scientific reason why we are so desperate to please our mothers,
    • and, of course, hysterical laughter!

For more of my mom, aka Dr. Christiane Northrup:




Her books: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom; Mother-Daughter Wisdom, and The Wisdom of Menopause (newly updated and revised!)

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@DrChrisNorthrup’s fail-proof tip for looking good in every picture you take: #glimpsetv w/ @katenorthrup http://bit.ly/sbsGB2

Scientific reason we want 2 please our mothers + what 2 do about it: #glimpsetv w/ @DrChrisNorthrup and @katenorthrup http://bit.ly/sbsGB2

Something happened to me this year and I got unscared. ~@DrChrisNorthrup to @katenorthrup #glimpsetv http://bit.ly/sbsGB2

Fear is excitement w/o the breath. ~Robert Heller via @katenorthrup to @DrChrisNorthrup #glimpsetv http://bit.ly/sbsGB2

What in your life are you taking seriously that you might try making fun of after hearing from my mom? When do you feel most free? Other thoughts and comments welcome. Leave them below!


22 Responses to Born Funny: My Mama, Dr. Christiane Northrup, on Glimpse TV

  1. I so love when your mom said, “This is the mother-daughter bag of shit”. LOL
    She always tells it straight. Thank you Kate for sharing your mom with us now and when she was writing all her books.

    I know I’m a better mother and daughter because of your mother’s work and because you both (as well as Ann) have allowed us to peer into your family dynamics letting us learn and grow from it.

    Laughter is so essential and does give us the inner smile that radiates out. I’ll always remember your two laughing, smiling faces in the back of my car.

    Keep shining- Annette

  2. Absolutely adooooore the both of you. Thank you so much
    for your pure and totally honest contribution!!! This was so great.
    And thank you for the “elevation”!!! The velcro roller image is
    hysteriical!!! Look forward to more of you.

  3. You two really took it over the edge this time. Loved the love and laughter you two generate with such authenticity and ease. I did love the “mother/daughter bag of shit” insights!

  4. I SO enjoyed this video. You guys have such a connection, it is obvious. I met both of you at the I CAN DO IT conference in Tampa. You are truly delightful people. Can’t wait to see what happens next : )

  5. ohhhh thanks for your great laughter Kate…i am sitting in a restaurant in goa watching this and peeing in my pants…just from watching you laugh like crazy…love it xxx

  6. Kate you looking stunning in this video! And I just looooove watching you lose it with uncontrollable laughter. Your mum is amazing…I really need to read one of her books! Sending you lots of love as always
    Susana xo

  7. Kate – I rarely comment on blogs but that video, of your authentic laughter, made me laugh so hard I’m actually commenting. I love when people let loose with laughing abandon. It’s contagious. This is one of my favorite Glimpse TV episodes.

  8. Thanks Kate and Christiane, I now see a pattern (slightly sabotaging for want of a nicer word!) in the relationship between between my Mum (Mom) and I, and it’s good to put some reason to it. – Did you know that you two share not only the same mitochondrial DNA, but the same dimple too! Cute : )

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