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The 6 key ingredients you need to make money doing what you love

The 6 key ingredients you need to make money doing what you love

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 5.19.31 PMIn my early twenties I went to a marketing seminar at a hotel ballroom near the Los Angeles airport. I was given a huge binder and kept up way past my bedtime listening to hype-filled pitches from stage.

Though I learned a lot of valuable information that weekend, I was also creeped out by some of the manipulative tactics the speakers used to get otherwise sensible people to run to the back of the room desperate to give someone their credit card to buy the next program. (Plus, I was yelled at when I left the room early to go to bed. Not cool.)

Classing It Up

Cut to several years later at Urban Zen, Donna Karan’s gorgeous event center in the West Village of Manhattan: I am taking feverish notes in a classy, simple notebook embossed with the words Rich, Happy, and Hot. I blink back tears on several occasions, my heart deeply touched by the words of the speakers.

I am never asked to take out my credit card or high-five the person next to me. I am never “pitched.” There are dance breaks to my favorite music. Everyone in the room is someone I wanted to get to know better.

The first event opened my eyes to the world of marketing for the first time, and I’ll be forever grateful for it. The second event, on the other hand, opened my eyes to the world of heart-centered, respectful, full-integrity, classy marketing that’s all about adding true value to your customer and making the world a better place.

The second event was the permission slip I needed to be my unique, creative, heart-on-my-sleeve self. After that event I knew I could build an empire not in spite of my authenticity, quirks, and spiritual-leanings, but because of them.

Marie Forleo has taught me a sizable percentage of the philosophy and strategies Mike and I have used to create our growing multiple-six-figure online business.

And she was the brains and creativity behind the second event I went to.

A Brain To Trust

I trust Marie’s advice because I’ve seen it work in her business (to the tune of an 8-figure empire that reaches 191 countries), in my business, and in the businesses of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world who she’s trained.

(Plus we’ve played charades, talked about personal growth books on the beach until we were blue in the face, and done booty-shaking demos on the kitchen floor together. I only follow advice from people who know how to make money, add value, AND have fun while doing it.)

While I think my stamp of approval is an amazing testimonial, you might also like to know that she’s been named a thought-leader for the next generation by Oprah, has been interviewed by Tony Robbins for his New Money Masters series, and has gone on holiday and taught aspiring entrepreneurs internationally with Sir Richard Branson.

Marie released the first of a 3-part, free video training series today. It lays out the 6 pillars to building a highly profitable online business and the exact order you need to follow them in. If you want to do what you love and make money from it, you have to watch this video.

Marie loves to give people simple, straight-forward advice that gets results, and this video series is no different.

In today’s video you’ll learn: 

  • the six critical aspects of building a business online that makes you money
  • why you’re pre-programmed to succeed in online business if you’re a caring, open-hearted soul (which I know you are if you like to hang out here)
  • why getting the online aspects of your business dialed in ASAP is super duper important (the times are a-changing and you want to get ahead of the curve)
  • how you can prepare yourself for the changes coming up in the next 5-10 years by upping your online game now
  • what you need to understand and the sequence you have to follow if you want to make money and change the world using the internet

Plus you’ll get a free, downloadable road map that will guide you through exactly how to take action on what you learn in the video.

Remember, this video series is free, but it’s only going to be up for a limited time. To get access to this straightforward, fun, action-packed content now, click HERE.

I know people who’ve made money (plus gotten hugely valuable insights) immediately by implementing the strategies in this free video series. Are you ready to be one of them?


Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 4.58.23 PM

My commitment is to support you in learning to value yourself so you can add more value to the world and receive more value in exchange, financially and otherwise.

Marie’s training teaches you how to do the adding-more-value part better than any other content I’ve come across.


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Turns out there are 6 key ingredients you need to make money doing what you love online. I just found out about a free video training that @Marie Forleo just put out via @Kate Northrup that lays it all out in a straight-forward, actionable way. I’m pretty excited to get going implementing this stuff in my business! Check out the video here: http://bit.ly/1BVloX5

P.S. Video #2 of the free training series is coming up on Monday. Make sure you don’t miss it by getting on my list so it comes right to your inbox.

P.P.S. I love Marie Forleo’s work, and I’ve benefited from it personally in a number of significant ways. I’m a proud referral partner of her program, B-School. This free video series is the way Marie is letting the world know about this program. Should you choose to purchase the program through my link, I may be compensated financially. I don’t recommend things lightly, but as I said, Marie is the real deal. I consider myself lucky to have her on speed dial as one of my friends and mentors, and I want you to have access to her particular brand of business genius, as well.


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