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How to Overcome Anxiety & Be Irresistible: Glimpse TV with Josh Pais

How to Overcome Anxiety & Be Irresistible: Glimpse TV with Josh Pais

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.15.16 AMIt was a week after meeting Josh Pais that I heard his voice for the first time. We met at yoga, but he had laryngitis. (Luckily his fiancée Marie Forleo was there and able to speak, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have met.)

I have never had anyone make me laugh so hard who wasn’t able to talk. Josh has an unbelievable way of being captivating (and often incredibly humorous) without making a sound.

He’s an actor (you may have seen him in the Showtime series “Ray Donovan” with Liev Shreiber or in the movie Touchy Feely with Ellen Page), director, teacher, thought leader, and creator of Committed Impulse. This class is a “secret weapon” for high performing actors, entrepreneurs, speakers, and other creative professionals. (I took it, and I can attest to its effectiveness, particularly in how it helped me overcome my fear of telling the truth.)

I interviewed Josh a while back about overcoming fear and anxiety, being creatively invincible, and more.

Watch this episode of Glimpse TV to learn:

  • How to be irresistible
  • How to do your best work no matter what
  • 4 inroads to telling the truth about whatever is really going on in the moment
  • What happens when you listen to 98% of your thoughts
  • Specific ways to stay present and stop believing that you suck
  • Why changing your thoughts doesn’t work for a lot of people
  • How to make sure you always say the right thing

Plus, there’s a special guest appearance that you won’t want to miss towards the end.

Click on the video below to watch the episode.

This thing we’re trying to get rid of in terms of sensation is actually our greatest asset. ~@joshpais (Click to Tweet!)

More Josh:

Check out Josh’s free online lesson at committedimpulse.com.

Learn about Josh’s online Committed Impulse program.

Learn about Josh’s in-person classes in New York and LA.

Over to you:

What do you do when you feel sensations in your body that you’ve deemed “bad”? What might happen if you didn’t judge them but instead simply felt them without dramatization? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that or anything else you learned from Josh during this episode. Please leave a comment below!


P.S. Keep your eye out for a great free training video from Josh’s fiancée Marie Forleo on Thursday! If you’re not on my list make sure you sign up here so you won’t miss it. It’s going to teach you the key things that you need to know to build a six or seven-figure business online.

P.P.S. I just signed up for Barbara Stanny’s new course: One Year to Wealth. She’s teaching how to become a savvy investor. With 27 years of investing experience and an incredible track record, Stanny knows her stuff. It’s one thing to learn how to make money and not spend it all. It’s another thing to learn how to make it grow from there. Course registration ends Feb 4th. If you want to take the course with me you can learn about it here.




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