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Is it my intuition or is it my resistance? Here’s how to know the difference.

On the one hand, there’s listening to your body, your inner wisdom, your gut feelings, your intuition, or really whatever you want to call your divine instinct.

And then on the other, there’s resistance.

What’s the difference?

This is something I grapple with daily.

I’m a worker. I can push through and produce. I can caffeinate and make it happen if I need to. I get off on productivity.

When I’m getting a signal that it’s time to take a break, call off the event, or not move forward on a project, I get suspicious.

But I’ve found that when I heed that signal, I’m rewarded time after time.


Resistance is when you spend two hours on Facebook instead of facing the blank page when you’ve made a commitment to write.

Resistance is being “too busy” to exercise when you have a very clear desire to care for your body.

Resistance is saying no when your friend wants to set you up with someone when you’ve tearfully shared with her that your deepest longing is for romantic love.

Resistance is succumbing to the details of your business and allowing them to prevent you from moving forward when you have a clear goal to break six figures this year.

Divine Instinct

Listening to your divine instinct is canning a project just before it goes live because the marketing feels really inauthentic.

Listening to your divine instinct is saying no to a great opportunity, even if it’s really shiny and fancy sounding, because it just doesn’t feel right.

Listening to your divine instinct is turning left when everyone else is turning right.

Listening to your divine instinct is canceling a meeting because you’re actually not that excited about the connection and, quite frankly, you could really use a nap.

Here’s an easy rule of thumb:

When we listen to our divine instinct we feel better. When we let resistance lead we may feel short-term gratification but, ultimately, we feel worse.

twitter_standingListening to your divine instinct is self-care. Resistance is self-sabotage. (Tweet it.)


What’s your divine destination?
Where are you headed in this precious life?
What do you really, really want?

Resistance is your sneaky little pseudo-safety mechanism preventing you from moving toward that which you truly desire.

Your divine instinct, however, knows the way and is ready to lead you if you’ll simply listen.

Over to you:

How do you distinguish between resistance and your divine instinct? How do you feel when you let resistance take the lead? How do you feel when you let the divine take the lead?

Leave a comment below  – I’d love to hear your experience with this one.


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