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The inside job that works every time.

Complete this sentence: I’ll be happy when_________. I bet you didn’t have to think very hard or for very long to come up with something. Yep, our instinct that we’ll be able to be happy when we fall in love, when we lose 15 lbs., when we move to the city of our dreams, whenContinue Reading


Digestion, perfection, and the creation of a new year.

2011 was quite a year. I changed almost everything that it’s possible to change in one’s life. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks reflecting and digesting. After some back and forth I decided to share some of the best of 2011, things I learned, and my plans for 2012 with you. I do thisContinue Reading


Quarterlife crisis? What? Glimpse TV with Molly Mahar of Stratejoy

As I was planning The Freedom Tour my friend Kim introduced me to Molly Mahar and her Stratejoy road trip. Here was another smart, young woman who had packed up everything and was living out of her car traveling the country. Awesome! I emailed her “Contact Us” form immediately not expecting a response (find outContinue Reading