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What does it mean to be human? Glimpse TV with Chela Davison

You know those people who you feel like you’ve known for multiple lifetimes when you first meet them? Chela Davison is like that for me.

After our first hour on the phone together I felt “gotten” in a really profound way. And when we finally met in person, we were doing partner yoga, laughing, and crying within the first day or two.

Chela is not only a brilliant writer and an incredibly gifted coach, she’s also one of the easiest people to be with whom I’ve ever had the privilege of being with. She’s insightful (and you’ll find out how she got that way in today’s Glimpse TV episode), she’s wacky, she’s hilarious, and she makes me feel totally safe to be all of me: all the great stuff and all the messy stuff.

No judgement.

All love and wisdom and permission.

Chela and I sat down a few months ago for a chat, Glimpse TV-style. There were giggles — perhaps even more than the usual. And questions that seemed to come out of nowhere. And a heck of a lot of wisdom from Ms. Davison.

Here’s what you’ll learn/get in this episode:

  • An exploration of the questions “What’s really going on here?” and “What does it mean to be human?” (Yep — Chela went there. Go big or go home.)
  • How to alter your way of being to transcend not-so-helpful patterns and include all the good stuff that’s working for you
  • How to talk to strangers
  • The biggest mistake people make when trying to forge a connection with other humans
  • Why pushing boundaries is one of Chela’s favorite things to do and what she gets out of it
  • Plus lots more fun and wisdom!

Click the image below to watch the episode. (Watch all the way to the end because that’s the funniest part, I think.)

Tweet: We're really sensitive beings often kind of pretending that we're not. ~@cheladavison #glimpsetv http://ctt.ec/SbLFa+ We’re really sensitive beings often kind of pretending that we’re not. ~Chela Davison (Tweet it!)

Want more Chela goodness? Here’s how to get it:

  • Chela Costa Rica retreatShe’s co-leading an awesome yoga and purpose retreat in Costa Rica February 22nd – March 1st. Find out all the details HERE.
  • Get her funny and profound wisdom delivered right to your inbox and to find out about working with Chela, visit her online HERE.
  • Read her insightful post on, yes, her vagina HERE.




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