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Is it possible to OD on personal growth?

I just got an email from my brilliant assistant (a word which does not do justice to the value this woman brings to my life – alternative title options welcomed) asking my opinion on the question: Is it possible to OD on personal growth? I answered with a resounding: YES! TOTALLY! Here’s the thing: WeContinue Reading


The inside job that works every time.

Complete this sentence: I’ll be happy when_________. I bet you didn’t have to think very hard or for very long to come up with something. Yep, our instinct that we’ll be able to be happy when we fall in love, when we lose 15 lbs., when we move to the city of our dreams, whenContinue Reading


Glimpse TV with Dyana Valentine: 3 steps to getting turned on (about your life) right NOW

When Dyana Valentine first walked into my apartment she immediately started taking pictures. It caught me off guard but was nonetheless charming. Within moments we dove right into talking about the good stuff: sex, spirituality, money, vanity, relationships…plus she had me practically peeing my pants laughing within seconds of saying “hello.” I had heard ofContinue Reading