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A Fool-Proof Method for Making the Right Decision Every Time

I’ve been fielding some really great emails from folks who are considering taking B-School this year. Enrollment closes at 3pm EST tomorrow, Monday, March 4th. All of the details about this life-changing course that helped me increase my revenue and my list size by 400% are here http://ow.ly/hS6R7. Along with B-School, you’ll get my course,Continue Reading


The six letter word to banish from your vocabulary.

I don’t believe in regret. Yes, we have infinite choices and infinite possibilities in life. Yes the world is our oyster. Yes, in this exact moment there are myriad versions of how my life could turn out based on what I decide to do in the next 30 seconds. And yet, there is no suchContinue Reading


Watch this before you get famous: Glimpse TV with Laura Roeder

I have to say when I first heard about Laura Roeder’s course Creating Fame I was curious about the title. In my experience if fame is your primary goal, a lot of other things can go by the wayside like the quality of your work, being of service, and creative expression. Luckily I know LauraContinue Reading