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Business Meets Spirituality Event

BusinessMeetsSpiritualityDate : April 25 – 27

Location : New York City

Learn the skills you need to build a strong foundation for an online business and the strategies required to make money 24/7

Learn how to maintain a healthy life style, and still be true to the various roles you play
Find your dream client you want to work with, in the US or any other country
Cast aside the myth of the lonely entrepreneur, and show you how to connect with a support system that can ultimately change the world
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REVEAL Conference

RevealDate: May 17th, 2014

Time: 10-6pm

Location: NYU Center for Spiritual Life, 238 Thompson Street, NYC

REVEAL: The Event is an annual triumvirate of one-part fiery soul-voices, one-part ritual, and one-part dance party!  The most illuminated goal for the day is to come together as a fiery band of soul sisters, wellness warriors, femmeprenuers, lightworkers to lift and light each other up!

Don’t miss out on an early bird special until April 11th.

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Freedom Mastermind

PointLookoutMEDate : October 3- 5, 2014

Location : Lincolnville, Maine

We want to help you feel free, in your life and in your business. So, Mike and I are offering a 2-day Freedom Mastermind in the Fall of 2014.

It will be in Maine, and we’re going to go deep with an intimate group of people in a cozy, fall-foliaged setting. Business advice that works, beautiful surroundings, kindred spirits, and the support to catapult your entrepreneurial endeavors and life to the next level.

*You’re responsible for your own lodging, travel, and meals.

Tickets are $1500.

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I speak to people who want to feel free.

I teach about creating financial freedom as an inroad to spiritual and emotional freedom. I inspire people to unlock themselves from a not-so-helpful financial past and enter a future in which their time is their own. I inspire change that people never thought possible for themselves.

I’ve been delighted to appear on stage at:

  • Hay House I Can Do It
  • The Reveal Conference
  • USANA Health Sciences
  • Tribal Truth
  • She Creates Change
  • Wanderlust Festival: Speakeasy Lecture Series
  • Take Back Your Health Conference
  • and many others

Topics that I would love to charm you and your audience with include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • entrepreneurship (specifically for women and Gen Y)
  • how to create financial freedom
  • doing business with pleasure
  • creating residual income and getting out of the rat race
  • conscious business
  • using personal growth as a business building strategy
  • the link between emotional health, physical health, and financial health
  • connecting your financial journey with our spiritual journey

To book me for a speaking gig, email info@katenorthrup.com.


Marie Forleo

“Kate Northrup blew me away during her Women & Wealth workshop. I’ve never seen someone as clear, articulate, and downright MOTIVATING around showing women the path to financial freedom. Kate strikes the perfect balance of practical and aspirational, all while laying down the honest truth about what it will take for you to be truly free. I cannot recommend her work enough!”
~ Marie Forleo, Rich Happy & Hot, www.marieforleo.com

Gabrielle Bernstein

“Kate Northrup is a miracle worker. Her messages guide us to change our minds about fear and embrace freedom as our birthright. Kate challenges our limiting beliefs and helps us break through the blocks to our true power. I am blessed to call her my dear friend and guide.”
~ Gabrielle Bernstein, Speaker, Author of Add More ~ing To Your Life & Spirit Junkie, gabbyb.tv

Meggan Watterson

“Kate’s magnetic personality and power to truly help transform women’s lives rests in her profound capacity to be utterly human. She is entirely honest—she doesn’t apologize ever for being exactly who she is and where she is. This is so liberating and refreshing to be near—this honesty that Kate embodies so fully frees women to be real with themselves not just on the level of their finances but also with their souls. Kate has much knowledge and wisdom to share from her experience of being fiercely alive. I inherit something just being around Kate. She is the go-to woman I suggest to liberate your financial wealth but also your inner resources of love, joy & well-being.”
~ Meggan Watterson, Founder and Executive Director of REVEAl

Wanderlust Festival Hay House Speakeasy: “It’s Spiritual To Be Rich”