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The answer you’ve been looking for.

photo-71Mike and I just flew to London, where we’re hanging out with my family and their menagerie of amazing animals, until this weekend when I speak at the UK and Hamburg Ignite Conferences. (Side note: my family has a dwarf hamster named Crusher who’s pretty much the cutest thing I’ve seen in my entire life.)

Mike and I have been fielding a bunch of emails, Facebook messages, and such about B-School.

Beyond the miscellaneous logistical stuff like when does the course close for enrollment (tomorrow, March 5th at 3pm EST), when does it start (March 10th), and when are you going to do your Freedom Mastermind live event (we’re shooting for Sept 26-28th and will confirm by April), most of you are looking for the same thing.

We decided to shoot a quick video to give you the answer to the question that you’re really asking in your emails about B-School. We even wore matching striped shirts for the occasion.

Click the image below to watch our 01:55 message.

If you’ve done what I suggested in the video and you know the time is right, click the star to enroll in B-School.

B-School Register Button

This program has made a HUGE difference in our lives (450% income growth and 700% list size increase in the last year alone).

Marie gives you the tools to successfully use the internet to spread the word about any business in a way that feels authentic and helps a lot of people.

If you’re ready for those tools, now is the time to jump in.

Need a refresher on our B-School Gift Suite? Here IT IS:


How many times have you signed up for a program and never finished it? I know I have. That’s why Mike and I created The Implement & Finish Formula to go along with B-School.

It’s a 4-part webinar-based series designed specifically to ensure that you get the hand-holding, tough love, support, and tools you need to implement what you learn in B-School. And guess what? We’re gonna do our damndest to make sure that you not only implement what you learn, but that you finish the whole entire program!

The first 30 minutes of each session will give you an inside peek at how Mike and I implemented what we learned in B-School to grow my list by 700 percent this past year, increase our income by 7 times, launch an Amazon bestseller, make $20K in one week during our first-ever online launch, and more. We’ll dissect exactly what we learned in B-School, exactly how we implemented it, and exactly how you can tailor our formula to your own business.

Plus, we’ll break down a few of our not-so-successful campaigns so you can all learn what NOT to do with the information from B-School. Sometimes our failures are just as valuable as our successes!

The last 30 minutes of each session will be focused on YOU! You’ll submit your questions and challenges ahead of time and then we’ll turn the spotlight on you, giving you the support, brainstorming, and analysis you need to move through the challenges with flying colors.

Stuck on a name for your new program? 

Not sure how to lay out your new site?

Wondering why your conversion rates aren’t performing?

Curious how effective your sales copy is going to be?

Submit questions like these (or whatever else you’re chewing on) ahead of time and Mike (my trusted business partner, fiancé, and secret weapon) and I will work with you on them.

Woody Allen said it best: 80 percent of success is showing up.

We want you to succeed. We’re going to lay out the blueprint for how we’ve made B-School successful so you can model our formula. Then, we’re going to hold your hand and tough-love you into implementing and finishing B-School so you’re cooking with gas, raking in a profit, and helping heap-loads of people along the way.


I wrote this book called Money: A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create The Life You Really Want. In it, I share my philosophy of financial awareness as an act of self-care and self-love. And you know what? It all applies to being a business owner. And why are you in business? To make money. Yes, it’s to help people too, but if that were your only goal, you would be volunteering. What I’ve found over the past several years is that everyone has hang-ups around money. But as a business owner it’s crucial that you clear your money blocks to ensure that you’re not subconsciously holding back your business growth.

Here’s what I’ll share during #MoneyLove for Business Owners, a 90-minute (or more) webinar-based mini course:

  • how to uncover and clear up your money blocks to reach peak profitability in your business
  • the numbers in your business that you need to be paying attention to in order to ensure you’re taking really fabulous care of the money you earn and creating a strong container to attract more money
  • the 5 most common money mistakes that business owners make and how to stop making them in your business


This 60-minute, fast-action, webinar-based course will give you the basics you need to know to arrange your home and your office to attract abundance. There are a few simple, inexpensive tweaks you can make to the way you’ve arranged your space to prime yourself for the most prosperity possible.


I’ve never offered one-on-one coaching and I (probably) never will. But we get tons of emails from people asking questions about the spiritual, emotional, and practical aspects of making money and building a business. And you know what? Mike and I have a lot of insight to offer in that department.

We want to help you feel free, in your life and in your business. So, we’re offering a 2-day Freedom Mastermind in the Fall of 2014. It will be in Portland, Maine, and we’re going to go deep with an intimate group of people in a cozy, fall-foliaged setting. Business advice that works, beautiful surroundings, kindred spirits, and the support to catapult your entrepreneurial endeavors and life to the next level.

*You’re responsible for your own lodging, travel, and meals.

**If you’re not able to attend live you will have access to live streaming. Live streaming will be exclusively available to our B-School participants.

***We are shooting for Sept 26-28th for this event BUT we will not confirm that until early April.


We all need a posse cheering us on and supporting us to reach our dreams. And we’ve got your posse built right in with our private, exclusive B-Schoolers Facebook community.

Need to poll the group on the topic for your next webinar? We’re here for you.

Need feedback on your upcoming launch strategy? Post and we’ll answer.

Looking for a great WordPress developer? We’d be happy to check our (probably electronic) Rolodexes.

The extra love and support you’ll receive from your fellow classmates in our community is priceless. Friendships will be forged. Business collaborations may emerge. Who knows? You might even fall in love. (Two people did just that in one of our online communities!)



B-School Register Button

And remember:

You already have everything you need within you to create the life and business you want. There’s no course or person on the planet that you MUST have access to in order to succeed.

B-School may help you get there more quickly, with the people you need cheering you on, and with less hiccups along the way. Only you can know if now is the time for that extra leg up.

But in the end . . .

You’ve got you and that’s more than enough. (Click to tweet)


Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.05.20 AMP.S. Marie’s free video series for anyone wanting to start or build a business online is going away tomorrow too. This training is SUPER valuable . . . and did I mention it’s free? Grab these 3 free videos while they’re up HERE.




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