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Diet programs don’t work. Here’s what does. Glimpse TV with Sarah Jenks.

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Nearly every time I read something that Sarah Jenks has written I get teary-eyed. I recently texted her to tell her I think she’s the most honest person on the internet.

Sarah is leading a revolution.

To call it a weight loss revolution wouldn’t be entirely accurate, though at first glance you might think that’s what it’s about.

Nope, Sarah’s revolution is about way more. It’s about taking incredible care of ourselves. It’s about love. It’s about priorities. It’s about boldly being seen as who we are, right now.

It’s about choosing to be happy and feeling good no matter what our size.

I sat down with Sarah in her adorable San Francisco apartment to chat with her about:

  • her signature program, Live More, Weigh Less
  • why you don’t need to weigh less to live more
  • her story of finally dropping the diets after 11 years of struggle and the revelation she had when she did that (which included dropping a bunch of weight)
  • the 6 specific ways she takes incredible care of herself as part of her own “live more” daily practice
  • why being in a place of calm and ease is so important for weight loss and health
  • how she’s doing more work in half the time and having twice the results while caring for a new baby

I absolutely adore Sarah, and I know you will, too. Tune in to this episode of Glimpse TV to fall in love with Sarah, your body, and your life.

Click the image below to watch the episode.

You do not need to be a size 2 to be sexy, beautiful, happy and love your body. ~@SarahEJenks (Tweet it!)

Sarah has a fabulous, rich 6-video free training series on her principles behind living more and weighing less. She’s wise and a total pro. I know you’ll love it. Check out the free video training series here.

To learn more about Sarah’s Live More, Weight Less Programs (both the high level group coaching and self-study versions) click here. Registration for the program closes on Monday, April 13th , so you’ll want to check it out ASAP if you’re intrigued.

Over to you:

When do you feel your best in your body and in your life? What are 3 ways you can live more a la Sarah’s example of taking incredible care of yourself? I’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

And, if you found this episode helpful, please share it with a friend and post it on social media.

I am a proud affiliate of the Live More, Weigh Less Program because I love Sarah and her work. I don’t recommend things lightly, but when I find someone as smart, honest, and helpful as Sarah, I can’t help but spread the word.


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