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My top 5 pregnancy products for feeling healthy, fashionable, and comfy.

My top 5 pregnancy products for feeling healthy, fashionable, and comfy.


I’ve been getting quite a few requests to write more about my pregnancy experience. Honestly, I’ve resisted because a) not everyone in this community is pregnant and b) it feels a little self-indulgent.

However, in the interest of providing value, I figured a few posts on what’s working (and what’s not) for me and other pregnant friends might be helpful. So here’s the first. I’d love to know if this is helpful to you and other pregnancy (or not) related topics you’d like to know about in the comments.

As I’ve been navigating the extensive world of pregnancy products and Amazon boxes have been arriving on our doorstep on the daily, I have found a few things that have made my pregnancy way more comfortable.

Here are my 5 favorite pregnancy products that have helped me feel healthy, fashionable, and comfy during my pregnancy so far:

  1. Pregnancy pillow:

A few girlfriends recommended getting a u-shaped pillow instead of a body pillow so that when you have to change which side you’re sleeping on you don’t have to wrestle the entire thing over your body and risk womping your bedmate over the head with it.

pregnancy pillowMy friend Laura generously offered to ship hers to me after she had her baby. It’s by Leachco and I love it. I even hauled it to Kripalu this past weekend so I wouldn’t have to be even two nights without it. This puppy keeps my back and hips happy while I sleep on my side (because there’s no more belly and back sleeping until after the baby comes)!

  1. Heartburn-be-gone chewables:

I’ve been struggling with heartburn since the beginning of the second trimester. I keep these yummy calcium chewables in my purse at all times, as well as in my nightstand. They don’t leave a chalky after-taste or feel in my mouth, and they have calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. Plus, they’re sweetened with just a tad of honey powder, and they are way better for you than many of the common heartburn chewables and medications because there aren’t any weird additives and the form of the calcium is much more absorbable.

  1. Beyond the Bump Yoga clothes by Beyond Yoga:

qf3058m_true-navy_1Even though I now have a giant belly, I still want to feel beautiful. I struggled in the beginning to find yoga clothes that were flattering and functional. I finally did some shopping on the Pea in the Pod website and discovered Beyond the Bump. I love their yoga tops and pants. I feel fabulous in them, and they don’t fall down during Pilates, ride up in strange places, squeeze my middle in an unflattering way, or flatten my boobs. They’re also high quality, so they should be good to go to make the rounds to other pregnant friends and for cooking future kiddos.

  1. The crème de la crème of prenatal vitamins:

Not all vitamins are created equal. Just because you saw a commercial for something or you recognize the name of it doesn’t mean it’s the best. Pregnancy is not the time to go bargain-basement on your supplements. I started taking a really high quality supplement many years ago, partially with preparing my body for pregnancy in mind.

I started on the prenatal vitamins I take now about six months before getting pregnant. They’re high in folic acid, contain iron, and have never once made me feel nauseous. They’re also pharmaceutical grade (which means they abide by the highest standards for quality and safety). I’ll continue taking these all during breastfeeding and switch back to my regular multivitamin after that.

  1. Liz Lange Maternity for Target Tank Top:Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 8.41.50 AM

I wear these nearly every day. They’re long enough to cover my belly while not so long that I look like I’m wearing a tunic. They’re flattering alone and perfect for layering under sweaters and blouses or other tanks. Plus, Liz Lange is a fellow Brown grad so that makes me want to wear her tanks even more. Thank you to my friend Liz (not Lange) for introducing me to them.

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Over to you:

What are your favorite pregnancy products? I’d love to hear what helped you thrive during your pregnancy, so leave it in the comments below. And, don’t forget to mention other pregnancy (or not) related topics you want to read more about here!

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