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Two Money Blocks in Your Home and How to Fix Them

Two Money Blocks in Your Home and How to Fix Them

I don’t talk much about the fact that I used to have a professional Feng Shui consulting business, but I did.

Helping people arrange their space to support fulfilling their dreams is something I adore doing. I stopped offering consultations to the public because I didn’t love the business model of trading hours for dollars. So for the past several years I’ve just consulted here and there for family and friends for fun.

Recently, though, I realized that I’ve been sitting on all of this Feng Shui knowledge and it’s time to share it because it can really help people.

There are two specific things that a lot of people have going on in their homes and offices that, from a Feng Shui perspective, are energetic blocks to money.

Since I can’t come to your house to check out your space (as much as I’d like to), I shot a video so you can learn what the two most common Feng Shui money blocks are— and how to fix them, because I can’t imagine just telling you the problems without the solutions!

Click on the image below to access the video.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 7.20.14 PM

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Over to you:

I’d love to hear how you shift your space to clear up these money blocks. Leave a comment below—Feng Shui success stories are my favorite!


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