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The Spring 2014 session of The Money Love Course is now open for enrollment.

It’s a 4-part online course in learning how to make, grow, give, and receive more value.

We’ve had over 700 students go through The Money Love Course to date. Here are just some of the things our past students have experienced:

  • paying off debt faster than they ever thought they’d be able to
  • coming up with creative ways to make more money doing things that they love
  • feeling optimistic about their ability to take really good care of themselves financially for the first time in their lives
  • learning to truly value their contributions so as to never sell themselves short again, financially or otherwise

Money LoveTo learn more about the course and read the success stories of our students, CLICK HERE.

If you read my book Money: A Love Story and feel like a deeper dive into the content with some extra exercises and insights that aren’t in the book would be beneficial, then The Money Love Course is for you.

If you haven’t read Money: A Love Story yet, then now is the perfect time to dive in with me as I walk you through this experience of falling in love with your finances and with yourself.

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I’m very proud of the results we’ve seen people create in The Money Love Course and I’m SO excited to have a fresh class beginning soon!

The doors close Friday, May 2nd at 3pm EST so if you’re considering joining us, be sure to check it out before then, as the next round won’t be available until late 2014.

If now is the time for you to learn to trust your worth, take loving care of your money, increase the numbers in your bank account, and build a super solid financial foundation, JOIN US.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 1.36.32 PMP.S. If you missed Financial Renewal: How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Money Mistakes People Make, the free webinar I taught last night, you can get access to the recording HERE. It’s only up for a limited time so grab it while you can!


Don’t go changing without this.

So Mike and I are doing this nutrition and workout program to get in shape for our wedding.

We tend to try different cleanses and nutritional approaches rather frequently, so I didn’t think much of signing up for a personalized online coaching program from a guy who Mike found on Instagram.

But it turns out this program is far more intense than anything we’ve ever tried before. We’re dialing down grams and ounces to ensure we get the right amount of macro nutrients per meal. And we’re working out every day (we usually work out regularly, but not always every single day).

For the first few days, I totally panicked. Within the first 24 hours of starting the program, I sent our coach about 25 neurotic emails asking him really specific, nitpicky questions.

I obsessed about how we were going to handle our travel schedule and pre-wedding events. I found myself sending our coach emails setting boundaries about what I would and would not do, as though he were forcing me to change my habits.

I was going through my workouts preoccupied with all of the other productive things I could be doing with my time. I was eating my food just to get the nutrients in my body rather than actually taking the time to taste and enjoy it.

With All My Heart

When we make any significant change in our lives, it stirs up the dust bunnies lurking under our beds, so to speak. Some level of resistance to anything new is inevitable. It may or may not come in the form of sending multiple tweezer-brained emails to your new fitness coach, but it will come in one form or another.

On Saturday my assignment was to do a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. I decided to get outside and go running by the water. I got my P!nk radio station on Spotify going and I was off.

Now, let it be known that I am not a runner. I started training for a half-marathon last year and bailed about three weeks in because I just don’t like running.

During the high intensity intervals I’m supposed to go full out, as hard as I can. So, after my warm-up, I ran as fast as I possibly could for 20 seconds.

What happened next surprised the heck out of me. I felt elated. A huge, uncontrollable smile spread across my face. I felt so free sprinting with all my heart. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d run as fast as I could outside. I was actually thoroughly enjoying the experience.

What changed? Running as fast as I could required my full attention. There were other runners on the path. There was some mud. I had to actually BE THERE. And being there, fully in my body, lungs on fire, hair blowing wildly, made me feel ecstatic.

Where is the love? Where is the fun?

Since Saturday I’ve been approaching this whole process from a new angle.

What if, instead of grumbling and counting down the minutes until I’m finished, I actually decided to be present and enjoy this journey? Folks, I’m aware that I’m not the first one to have this revelation. But I find that we need to continue to learn the same things over and over again, but each time in a new and different context.

twitter_standingWhen we make a decision to enjoy something, we usually do.

What’s an area of your life that could use a little enhancement?

Craving some romance?

Is your body overdue for some sweat sessions?

Does your bank account need a little lovin’?

Whatever the area of your life, whatever the program of your choosing, remember:

twitter_standingThe attitude with which you approach anything affects the outcome.


Do you ever find yourself trying to grin and bear it when making a change? What strategies have you tried to help you be present and enjoying the journey?

I’d love to hear from you — leave a comment below!

Financial Renewal WebinarP.S. If your financial life could use some of your love and presence, I’ve got something for you. I’m teaching a free webinar called Financial Renewal: 5 Money Mistakes You’re Likely Making and How to Fix Them on 4/23 at 8pm EST. Hint: I’ll be giving you specific, immediately actionable strategies for being present with, and actually enjoying, the journey of getting out of debt, becoming a better money manager, and taking care of your money. CLICK HERE TO JOIN US


When it comes to your money, which type are you?

Last week there was some serious eclipse action whispering to all of us, “Let go. Let go. Let go.” And as we let go of what no longer serves us and protect our time and energy for only that which truly lights our souls aflame, it feels like a rebirth.

I started getting über clear on some bad habits of being highly distractible and saying yes to too many things that I need to let go of.

Last week was also tax time here in the USA. This annual event brought to light some systems that Mike and I have in place around our money that are no longer working for us. So we’ll be letting them go. And it illuminated some new opportunities for growth that we’re looking forward to nurturing as we move forward.

Which one of these do you identify with?

Type 1: Round about this time some folks are super duper organized and simply sign a few documents because they turned their paperwork in to their accountants back in January. They keep great records throughout the year, track everything, organize their receipts monthly, and stay financially sane and relaxed.

They may not be thrilled with the amount of their earned income being sent to the government, but the process is a calm, steady one.

Type 2: Some folks throw all receipts, tax documents, and any other money-related piece of paper in a drawer. They vow each and every year to track things monthly so that they don’t have to take a week to swim in the sea of paperwork in order to just barely get their taxes done on time.

But every year they avoid looking at their money stuff until they’re forced to do so. Every year it’s stressful. Every year feels like chaos leading up to April 15th. Many of these folks avoid the whole process altogether because it freaks them out so much and they therefore haven’t paid taxes in a while. The stress of wondering when the IRS is going to come after them seems lower than the stress of actually dealing with their taxes.

So, are you Type 1 or Type 2? Or perhaps you fall somewhere in between?

If you’re Type 1 and you’re the cat’s meow when it comes to financial record keeping and consciousness, tax time may be less chaotic for you. However, you may still feel internal tumult every time you write a check to the IRS, or anyone else for that matter.

Here’s a little tip for you if you’re a type 1:

Every time you send money in to the government, pay a bill, or spend money on anything at all, say to yourself:

“There’s way more where that came from.”

I heard this tip in a recent episode of Marie Forleo’s show Marie TV, and I’ve incorporated it into my life. When I wrote out our checks to the IRS and to the Maine State Treasurer this year, I said the above mantra and immediately felt great about our contributions.

If you’re a Type 2, you probably hate tax time and quite possibly resent the government for making you contribute each year. You may be confused by your finances in general and unsure how to set up the systems to keep yourself on track. You may feel hopeless and like you’re “just not good with money.” It’s possible that you’ve given up all hope of feeling financially sound and abundant — that is, if you ever even had any such hope to begin with.

Here’s a little tip for you if you’re a type 2:

No one was born being good with money. Just like no one was born being able to talk, we’ve all had to learn (some of us more successfully than others) how to deal with the financial side of life. Some of us do so with loving, abundant thoughts and feelings. Others do so while feeling full of doubt, anger, or fear.

But the bottom line is, anyone can learn to not only manage their money, but also to do so in a way that actually feels good and creates more abundance for themselves and others. If you find yourself saying, “I’m not good with money,” cut it out immediately.

twitter_standingAffirming your inability to do something makes you less capable of doing it. Try “I can” instead.

I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t stand to improve their relationship with money. You may be a Type 1 or you may be a Type 2, but everyone (including yours truly) has room to grow.

As we celebrate springtime, renewal, and rebirth, wouldn’t it be fun to consciously build a new, loving relationship with your money?

Ready for financial renewal? Join me for a free webinar.

On Wednesday, April 23rd at 8pm EST I’m teaching a free webinar entitled Financial Renewal: 5 Money Mistakes You’re Likely Making and How to Fix Them. The last time I taught a similar session we had so much fun that I got really wound up and I couldn’t fall asleep for hours. I can’t wait to let ‘er rip again. CLICK HERE TO JOIN US.

Financial Renewal Webinar

Over to you:

What are some specific financial habits you’d like to let go of? What new habits would you like to replace them with?

I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment below!




The most powerful way to protect your time . . . and your sanity.

I’ve been hearing about getting on the “No Train” for years. And until very recently, I thought I was on it.

I thought I was clear on my priorities.

I thought I was protecting my time.

I thought I was saying no to the wrong things so that I could say yes to the right things.

So why, then, was I feeling like the things that I most wanted to put my attention on were slipping through my fingers?

During a recent workshop Darren Hardy, founder of Success Magazine, shared two quotes that got me just where I needed to be gotten.

For every 100 great opportunities, I say no 99 times.” ~Warren Buffet

I’m as proud of what we don’t do as what we do.” ~Steve Jobs

Woah Nelly! Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs didn’t just start saying no when they got to the top. They got to the top by saying no.

As I sat in the workshop taking copious notes, I realized that since my book launched I’ve been operating under the assumption that at some point the requests to do things would taper off. At that point, my schedule would clear up and I could re-focus on the things that I really wanted to focus on.

As soon as this thought materialized I immediately knew how silly it was. The wonderful opportunities are never going to slow down. In fact, they’re likely going to speed up!

twitter_standingIf we wait for a pause in other people’s requests to reclaim our time, we’ll be waiting forever.

I know I want to spend more time at home. I know that I don’t want to spend another winter on a plane every single week. I know I want to write more and re-focus on nurturing and growing The Freedom Family.

Yet I was waiting for other people to stop asking me to do things before giving myself permission to clear my schedule and lovingly choose which things to put back in.

You know those moments after which you’ll never see the world the same again? This was one of those.

Try This

Per Darren’s suggestion, Mike and I made a list of every single one of our priorities. Then we narrowed it down to the top three. And then we threw out the rest of the list.

Terrifying. Freeing.

I felt like I’d had three shots of espresso even though all I’d been drinking was water.

That was two weeks ago. Ever since then, when an email comes in asking me to do something, all I have to do is check those three priorities. If it doesn’t fit in with them (and if my soul isn’t giving me a very strong yes) then I say no.

The amount of mental distraction and email clutter this has eliminated is remarkable.

Every time I say no I get a little spritz of freedom and also a little spritz of guilt or fear. They both exist. So I decided to investigate how I might shrink that spritzer bottle of guilt and fear. That stuff just isn’t good for growth.

Since I’m not so special, I bet you can relate to these.

Reasons We Don’t Say No

1. I won’t be liked.

It’s true. When we reset our compass to our own agenda and stop calibrating true north based on other people’s needs, some of them won’t like us. I’m still getting used to this. It’s not easy, but my freedom and happiness, as well as my full presence with the people closest to me, is worth pissing off a few folks.

2. They’ll forget about me.

Every time I say no to a speaking gig I worry that I’ll be forgotten about. But then I remember Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet. And unless it’s a “Hell yes!” I say no. I also remember that sometimes the best stuff is hard to get. And I’m some of the best stuff.

3. I’ll miss out on something.

At any given moment, each one of us is missing out on 99.9% of what’s going on around the world. But the real joy comes from being so present to what we are actually doing that whatever else might be going on is easily forgotten.

4. I’ll let someone down.

What I’ve found is that I let people down far more often when I say yes and then don’t follow through, or half-ass it. Plus, when I’m on the receiving end of no’s, I often feel grateful instead of let down. Giving someone a clear no is a sign of respect.

twitter_standingDoing something you don’t want to do to please someone else isn’t good for you and it isn’t good for them. 

So there you have it. The top four reasons we don’t say no and a little rebuttal for each. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to keep this list nearby. When my gut is telling me no but my ego is looking for validation, I shall refer to it and remind myself of the truth.

Over to you:

What are some of the reasons you don’t say no? How does it feel when you do say no? Have you ever said yes when you really wanted to say no?

Tell me about it in the comments below.

Money Love Course Kate NorthrupP.S. The Money Love Course opens for enrollment next week, Wednesday, April 23rd at 10am EST. It’s a 4-week online course in making, growing, giving, and receiving more value. Keep an eye on your inbox next Wednesday for more info! Make sure to join the list to get updates if you’re not already on it.


Meet me in the Big Apple: REVEAL & Business Meets Spirituality

I’m speaking at these two incredible events coming up this spring in NYC. Join me and the soul-stirring women I’ll be sharing the stage with for down and dirty money advice mixed with spiritual wisdom nuggets.

Business Meets Spirituality

April 25-27th, 2014

NYIT Auditorium, New York City


Gry Sindig has contagiously positive energy. She stopped by the apartment where I was staying this fall to get twelve copies of Money: A Love Story signed for her mastermind participants. Even though we only spent a few minutes together, as soon as she left I knew I wanted to know her better.

Until Sunday, April 13th there’s a limited time offer of 2-for-1 tickets that you won’t want to miss out on.

BMS is a one of a kind event that brings ambitious solo-entrepreneurs and leaders from “all over the world” together in a truly inspiring environment in New York. This is a unique chance to meet and learn from the most talented speakers out there as leaders from Norway and the US will share their inspirational stories and knowledge.

At BMS you can learn how to infuse more of you in your business from spiritual leaders like Princesses Märtha Louise & Elisabeth Nordeng; The host and online marketing pioneer, Gry Sinding will teach you the online strategies you need to know to boost your business; Not to mention, you will hear inspirational and groundbreaking stories from successful authors/CEOs/artists, etc. like Kathrine Aspaas, Anita Krohn Traaseth, Mona Nordøy, Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth and yours truly.

The goal with BMS is to boost your energy and drive for success, while also teaching you the internet marketing and business strategies you need to know, so you can create a online business model where you can make more money AND make a difference. Inspiring you to take your business from little or nothing, to really something.

If you are an ambitious leader or an entrepreneur who wants to make a difference, while making money in the process, then join us for Business Meets Spirituality: an event full of inspiration, training, and unique perspectives on building a business with passion and purpose! Oh yeah, the house will be packed with fantastic women, but men are very welcome to join as well : )


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